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5 Things We Learned About Hiking in 10 Minutes

The world according to social media was awash in conversations on celebrity nude photos, domestic violence and iPhone predictions. (Yes, we are thinking of you, Jennifer Lawrence and Ray Rice. Plus, is it too early for iPhone 7 rumors?)

Yet, it was a Monday. And we at Monkeys Writing Shakespeare, creators of Alti, were missing the weekend of hiking we just had—and dreaming of the trails in the weekend ahead.

So we pushed past the noise on Twitter and devoured as many hiking experiences we could on Twitter. How? Simply by typing the “hiking” into the social media’s search tool, and here are five takeaways from our 10-minute hiking online hiking experience:

The Tweet: MT "Thoughts and notes from completing the Sierra High Route. #backpacking #outdoors"
The Tweeter: Don Wilson, @Donoutside
The Location: Sierra High Route, California
About This Location: Backpacker magazine speaks very highly of this region: “On this burly, 210-mile traverse, which crosses 33 passes and barely touches established trails, you can find Alaska-sized scenery, complete solitude, and just enough risk to keep things interesting.”

The Tweet: MT "Mountain Quest 2014 No. 5: Crow Hills in Leominster State Forest. #Hiking"
The Tweeter: Kenozoic, ‏@Kenozoic
The Location: Crow Hills, Leominster State Forest, Massachusetts
About This Location: Everything you need to know about this hiking these hills can be found in this video.

The Tweet: MT "Blick auf den Half Dome vom John Muir Trail #yosemite #halfdome #outdoor #hiking"
The Tweeter: Katrin und Daniel, @beVegt
The Location: John Muir Trail, from Yosemite Valley to Mt Whitney in California
About This Location: It’s the “land of 13,000-14,000-foot peaks, lakes in the thousands, and of canyons and granite cliffs,” according to the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

The Tweet: MT "Raven cliffs falls. #hiking #nature #explore #ravencliffs #appalachian #georgia #waterfall"
The Tweeter: Ben Larkins, ‏@BenLarkins
The Location: Raven Cliffs Falls Trails, Georgia
About This Location: “Because of the size of Ravens Cliffs and the lack of human interference, the area has abundant bird life including grosbeaks, vireos, wild turkeys besides the ravens,” according to

The Tweet: MT "Had a great weekend with the family hiking, photo taking and seeing the sights in the Catskills."
The Tweeter: Harold Card, ‏@CardHarold
The Location: Catskills Mountain, New York
About This Location: The Catskills contains more than 30 peaks above 3,500 peaks. “The Catskill region is an easy—and beautiful—drive from Boston, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo and beyond,” according to

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